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Is this the year you’re going to start trying for a baby? Or perhaps you’ve been trying to conceive for a while but not having any success. Genea is offering Fertility Assessments at our Sydney Kent Street clinic to help you get the answers you need to take a step closer to having a baby.

There are a range of straightforward screening tests that we can do to evaluate both men and women’s fertility to make sure you’re on the right track.

Coming in for a Fertility Assessment involves checking out both lifestyle and preliminary level physical factors to give you a clear understanding of whether you can keep trying to conceive naturally or if you need further help or treatment.

In Sydney, Genea’s dedicated Fertility GP, Dr Helen Demetriou, will guide you through an investigation of your fertility in an informal yet informative manner. With her warm and welcoming manner, Dr Demetriou will give you the information you need to make a decision about your next steps without any any pressure or obligation.

At Genea, a Fertility Assessment generally involves these steps:

  • Lifestyle, medical and fertility history;
  • Basic investigations of BP, weight etc
  • Discussion tailored towards your personal situation
  • Possible referral for investigations including blood tests/ ultrasound/ semen analysis
  • Possible referral to a specialist

Obviously, everyone’s situation is different so you may need fewer tests or a different assessment.

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* No out-of-pocket consultation available for Medicare eligible patients and is for initial consultation only. Appointments are available at our Sydney Kent Street clinic.