Meet the newest members of the Genea family, ready to help create yours

Genea’s science and technology have played a part in bringing over 800,000 babies into the world. And now we’re proud to announce the newest members of the Genea family.

Genea Biomedx Gavi automated vitrofication


Gavi, our world-first instrument that automates key parts of the vitrification process and ensures your embryos are consistently snap frozen – then stores them in your own Gavi pod until you need them.
Genea Biomedx Geri time-lapse incubator


And Geri, our time-lapse incubator, provides your embryos with their own private chamber for the five crucial days they spend with us – all while under the watchful eye of their very own camera.

Genea Biomedx embryo renderSoon there will be another new family member ...

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Your personalised experience with us extends far beyond what you see. And only at Genea can you be sure that just like your patient care, all aspects of your treatment, no matter how big or small receive the same individualised attention.

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